Destiny ? fate ?  Not my cup of tea.

I do not laugh like a lady . I dont laugh for normal reasons. I laugh when a dog runs and when a cat is breathing .Most of the time the elders around me tell me 
” Dont laugh too much .If you do then soon you will cry ” . 

I found that crazy . But i also found that very interesting .If we laugh today, will we cry tomorrow ? if we are sad today then will we soon have good times too ?we normally sacrifice alot of things so that our future must be perfect but will it be perfect ?

The answer is 

It is your choice.

I dont believe in destiny and i dont believe in fate.  I believe in choices.  Choices that we make for ourselves.We should understand that the universe does not owe us anything . It does not owe us happiness if we are sad .It does not owe us our destiny and it does not owe us our fate.

To all those people who are out there thinking the world owes them something ,hey guys guess what ? The universe does not owe you anything.We are not great creatures who were “destined “to be created. We were created just by a small degree of imperfection.So stop waiting for your hard times to just pass because they are not going anywhere until you choose what you are going to do to make them go away .

I dont believe in luck because the universe does not owe us luck .Realizing what im saying helps you understand the power of your choices. luck ,destiny, fate all of these are not shaping your life because all these are illusions .Your choices shape your life and your choices are much more stronger than anything .

If you want something then go take it and dont wait for your “time” .

Stop waiting for god to save you because he wont . He is not a solution .When you are falling god just makes sure you dont fall hard. 

Or does god exist atall ? 

Always remember . Your choices are your greatest strengths.



Never look back .


“I want to turn back time “.
A common statement among fellow humans . We make soo many mistakes.Some of us learn from those mistakes but most of us dont . We fall into the same spiral again. We start dreaming about who we want to be and forget about who we are and what we have to work on to be better . After dreaming for a long time when we wake up , we realise that we have lost the most precious thing in life. Time.

The life that i was leading for the past sixteen years was meaningless . I had no purpose . I had no vision but i was still happy because i was dreaming . Dreams are worth nothing if in the end they are going to sabotage your true reality . I realised that after falling hard . 

I would give anything to go back . To go back and make my family and me very proud but then again i would be dreaming because If time travel is really possible , where are the explorers from the future ? .

So right now , this moment i promise to wake up . I promise to forgive myself , i promise to never look back and more than anything i promise to let go of my regrets 

Find your purpose . Forgive yourself. Find love . Be passionate . 

Its the best gift you could give yourself which is far more pleasing than Time travel .

   – wysdom007 

Little stars.




They are beautiful creatures , on the inside and on the outside .They question the universe and “why” is given a joyful meaning.They know nothing about caste , culture , race or religion They dont dont lie , they dont have ego or feel jealous. All they feel is happiness and hunger. Soon they grow . Their minds become cunning . Their soul which was pure and divine becomes tainted with wrongdoings. 

Why ? 

Why does this happen ? is it because the pull of our mind is stronger than the pull of our heart ? is it because the innocence of the soul is easy to attack ? 

The reason is Giving up .

We give up fighting when we are young to become these creatures we are now . The reason why we are the most disturbing creatures in the universe is because we let go before we even learn to hold on . 

Humanity is beautiful . It is like the hand which rocks the cradle which is the world . we are beautiful . Bring back the innocence in your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. Then soon all the unwanted emotions would go away because you would feel like a child again. A curious child , who would feel only happiness and ofcourse  hunger .


New beginnings.

New beginnings.
They are hard to get .

They are hard to accept. 

Sometimes we misunderstand the statement

I want a new beginning”. 

We think it is something a weak person would say .

An inadequate soul.

Thats where our delicate mind is wrong.

Only a vigorours and a fierce soul can accept and want a new beginning .

Ready to abandon the present life to rebuild a stronger one . 

Just understand,

new beginnings are under your command.

All you have to do is to want one and change your life for the better . 





The Stars. 
have you admired them ? .

The Universe . 

have you really seen it ? 

Chaos . 

we are all surrounded by chaos . 

We think that we are a miracle given to the universe .

but is that right ? 

Outside this sanctuary that we call ‘Earth’ there is a vast cosmos waiting for us to unravel its mysteries . 

With one look at the night sky we are taken billion years into the past . 

I find it amazing ,

How the birth of the universe was just seconds before the birth of our small yet wonderous earth . 

The alluring and wonderful thing about the universe is that 

all of this beauty was created by chance . All of us are created by chance and the universe was created by chance .

Long long ago ,

the fight between matter and antimatter  went on for ages and just for a second matter had the upper had and here we are . 

The beauty of the universe has never failed to hypnotize me . Stars and constellations have always been my friends from my childhood .

Most of my nights , i would spend under their domain. 

We try to understand the universe by observing its motion but the beautiful fact is that we are just mere pawns in the game played by this majestic universe .

We humans are nothing .

We are’nt the ones who are alive.

Its the universe.

It is she who is truly alive .

– wysdom007


You are waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you. But you can’t know for sure. Yet it doesn’t matter . Now tell me why ?” 

Life is actually how we percieve it to be.
A dream can actually be the true reality.

The sun could actually be the moon.

A big rock can be as light as a feather.

An ocean wave can be burning lava 

Hate as we know it 

could be true love 

and happiness could easily be 

percieved as sadness.

Our whole life could actually be

someone else’s dream.

yes. it is a possibility .

We could have easily been subjected

to believe that we are in the reality .

All that would be required is an inception to intercept the idea in our head. 

So , look around you 

is this reality ? how can you prove to yourself that it is ? .




    The sound of the ocean waves                  overlapping awoke her  from her                                   slumber.

    She woke up to see a million stars           around her .Guiding her .keeping her                                safe.

   As she walked she saw an amazing          world filled with nothing but beauty.

    The silent mountains smiled at her                          with grace .

   The moon gave her a wonderful sight.

          There was nothing beyond. 

                      This was it .

     The center of the universe and all its         beauty concentrated in this place.

             She had finally found it .

                  She turned around ,

           looked at him and smiled .

                She had everything .

                 This was her sanctuary .  

                              ~` ` ` ` ` ` `~


She was dangerous .
She had a wild spirit.

She would destroy her prey 

and devour them.

She was intelligent.

She  would always be ready to fight.

When she fights she would

always win.

Everyone always paused to watch her,

give her way .

She was the purest.

She was  the strongest .

She was a wolf.

The one and only.


                         He cried for days 

                 Yet the pain never ceased.

                 The horrors he had done 

                          haunted him

               Everyday was burning him 

                         into ashes and 

           Everynight he was brought back 

                    to endure more of it.

    The gates of heaven was a distant dream

                     The gates of hell,

              was the wicked present .

       That was when his vision blurred .

                    It soon darkened .

                He could see nothing .

            Slowly like a gentle breeze 

                       He saw her. 

             He saw nothing but her.

               An exquisite being .

     With one hand she could drive away 

                     all his nightmares .

     His demons never neared him again.

           She brought beautiful dreams 

                           into his life.

 Worries and sadness were no longer present.

                      He had found her .

              She was his dreamcatcher .

  “i       lost myself in the dreams he gave me i woke up to realize i lost him because of my selfishness. i had lost my dreamcatcher .”

–Once upon a time – 


Question  answered.


Why doesnt she believe in love ?.

This common question went through the minds of all those around 

They never understood her .

Not until she finally replied .

“I do believe in love .

I believe in the kind of love that brings

out the ebullence in you.

I believe in the kind of love that 

is passionate and evergrowing .

I believe in the kind of love that makes 

you  forelsket.

I have felt and cherished these feelings in my relationship with life .

I have fallen in love with all that life 

has to offer.

The mesmeric rays of the sun

The thunderous beauty of storms 

The silence and beauty of 

darkness during the nights

The vast cosmos with its 

stars of grace and wonders and 

the peace of solitude . ” 

 Everyone were just staring at her with 

awed expressions and wonderous smiles

and with a slight smirk she added 

I would never trade all of that for my prince.

would you ? “. 

– wysdom007