Are You Ready ?

we all have a lot of things going on in our life. We have our daily routine . All of us have ambitions. We all want to make the world a better place. We all want better standards of living. We want to be remembered . we have grown so much . Mostly all of us want to change the world and make it a better place but there is difference between changing the world to make it a better place and saving the world. Take an example , you want to drink  lemonade so u take a glass and you find that there are some stones inside but you are just avoiding it and u pour the juice into it . Pouring a large volume of juice does not mean the stones would disappear . It would just start accumulating down the glass. The glass here is earth . Our world . The lemonade is humanity and the corrupt thoughts and doings of humans are the stones. What I’m trying to say is that there is no use trying to change the world without saving it . New and better accommodations wont help us to not listen to our bad thoughts . we should focus more on making the human race pure .  Though that sounds challenging ,It needs to be done . The human race is corrupted. Yes we are. Its not just because of what we do  it is also because of an opinion in our minds. “The world is a cruel place so why should i be compassionate or be kind ? i should just take care of myself ” . Just think about that again. Don’t you see what we are doing if we consider this opinion as a good one ? we are just running away from the problem that is the world being a bad place. Instead of solving the problem we just become a part of it. People talk about unity and strength yet we draw boundaries on the ground and name the ground as USA , UK , India. Cant u see how dumb that is ? . We see life as a competition so instead of helping people who are in trouble we  just walk away thinking we’ll have less competition . How stupid is that ? . compassion , kindness and empathy are needed for the human race and right now we have none of the above. We are like toxins. We call humans as one of the  most evolved beings right ? but are we ? .We are doomed if it goes on like this. So the question is are you ready to take a leap of faith ? are you ready to stand by me and millions of others like me to save the world ? More than anything do you have the guts to take a chance to save the  world ? If u do then welcome brother or sister. But if don’t have the guts then you shouldn’t talk about the world being a bad place.





2 thoughts on “Are You Ready ?

  1. Great thinking. It takes leaders to think like this. Happy to see a broadminded attitude of considering the world as our home and humanity as a whole as one community. Lofty thinking. Good going girl.

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