Life.Its a four letter word . its as simple as that. Its as complicated as that. 

do you know life is beautiful when you actually know how to live it ? . yes. it is. All of us have different roles and are leading different lives. But we go about this without actually living life. The notion of “living life ” has different meanings for different people  But the journey of all of our lives start at one point.  Letting go. We need to realize what we are fighting for. If we know that then we have to motivate ourself . Day and night.Yes it will be difficult but it will be worth it . Enjoy the moments . The rustle of the leaves. The smooth breeze.The beautiful stars. Feel the movement around you . Be beautifully aware of your surroundings. Dont take photos to remember the moment . Feel the moments . Feel those instances when you are happy so that you can never forget them . Come to reality and make it your dream .Sit on your terrace sometimes .Turn off all the lights and be at the mercy of the stars and the wonderful moon . Trust me. Its beautiful .Darkness is as beautiful as life. Love like you dont know hate. Live like you have seen death and thats how you live life .


are the three L’s for happiness .



Is the end the beginning ?

We all have dreams and we all have destinies to fullfil.We need everything we need and everything we want. We hold on . We let go. The past is something very dangerous . We hold on to it so tightly as it is a part of us. The moment we let go of our past. The moment we let go of who we were to change into the person we want to be , thats when we are reborn. Its difficult. It is yet another obstacle everyone faces in life if they want to grow into something fantastic. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made . Accept yourself the way you are and aim for perfection . Dont waste time .Every minute of the day work to make yourself into a better person. Forget how you were hurt as it is in the past . Forget the times you were mislead But never forget happy memories . One thing of the past you should hold on tight are the happy memories . A day out with friends. Watching your parents happy . Never forget those . Dont just fall in love with old memories . Create new ones to fall for . Live for the moment . everyone deserves happiness . So get yours by forgetting who you were and put an end to your past for a better present and future . So yes. 



Dreams. Powerful dreams.

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering where you are ? . You then realize you are in your room . Lying down on your bed . Its 6 am in the morning and you have to go to school . Sometimes we have vivid and beautiful dreams . We then wake up and get dissatisfied with the life we are leading . But the key to be happy is to literally live your dream . It can be anything . Being a writer . Being a singer . A scientist or an artist . Its easy to ignore your dreams and be swayed by the path  your friends take but the thing is they don’t live your life. They may not be pleased by the small things happening around you. They may not be having the flaws you have or the good skills you have . Why then do you want to take a path where your heart will not be at peace ? Don’t fit in . stand out . 

A little girl followed the world by choosing to be quite during times when someone had to break the silence . 

She followed the world and stood still while her brothers and sisters were at war .

One summer morning she realized “why should i be quite while my dream is to make this world a better place ? why should i follow millions of people when millions of people can follow me ? ”                                 every second of your life , dedicate it to make your dream into reality . 

work hard . give your best . 

And if someone asks you what you are living for ? don’t hesitate to tell them “i am living for myself and I’m doing that by living my dream .” 

wysdom 007 

belief holds the key 

The world we live in is wonderful.There are soo many things that cannot be explained by science or logic so is it really foolish to believe in the supernatural ?. Are superhumans , werewolves ,vampires and wizards merely a part of our imagination or do they really exist ? . People would rather spend their lives asking many other “logical” questions but These questions are interesting to think about . However i am not afraid to admit that i believe in the supernatural world . Yes.In fact i very much do .It is not just because of books like the vampire diaries or harry potter that made me believe .No . Not just those books though they had a fair part in modelling my mind .I beleive in it because it gives me joy and relief . The supernatural world sets me free from reality where life is not too perfect . I read the series “chronicals of narnia ” in fifth grade . Trust me when i tell you this , there is not one moment where i have not loved those books .That was it . My first experience with a magical world which led me to beleive in things that  people regarded  pointless. We are not all happy with our lives. I have had soo many people who have come into my life but people always leave . Things that are constant are books ..oh and food. My passion for reading has made me wonder about soo many things in life that seems to be not important but it actually is beautiful when you give it a thought.The vampire diaries (where the vampires don’t sparkle unlike twilight ) , The chronicles of narnia ,alice in wonderland and many other books about different worlds will forever be in my heart. So yes i believe in magic . I believe that there are supernatural beings . I believe in superheros who shine as light in darkness.Oh and yeah people think I’m weird and foolish to believe all that but guess what ? i don’t care about other people’s opinion  and so shouldn’t you. 

Believe in the impossible ,that is what seperates us from others .                 

believe in all that can be and thats when miracles start .

So …what do you believe in ? 

// wysdom007 //