belief holds the key 

The world we live in is wonderful.There are soo many things that cannot be explained by science or logic so is it really foolish to believe in the supernatural ?. Are superhumans , werewolves ,vampires and wizards merely a part of our imagination or do they really exist ? . People would rather spend their lives asking many other “logical” questions but These questions are interesting to think about . However i am not afraid to admit that i believe in the supernatural world . Yes.In fact i very much do .It is not just because of books like the vampire diaries or harry potter that made me believe .No . Not just those books though they had a fair part in modelling my mind .I beleive in it because it gives me joy and relief . The supernatural world sets me free from reality where life is not too perfect . I read the series “chronicals of narnia ” in fifth grade . Trust me when i tell you this , there is not one moment where i have not loved those books .That was it . My first experience with a magical world which led me to beleive in things that  people regarded  pointless. We are not all happy with our lives. I have had soo many people who have come into my life but people always leave . Things that are constant are books ..oh and food. My passion for reading has made me wonder about soo many things in life that seems to be not important but it actually is beautiful when you give it a thought.The vampire diaries (where the vampires don’t sparkle unlike twilight ) , The chronicles of narnia ,alice in wonderland and many other books about different worlds will forever be in my heart. So yes i believe in magic . I believe that there are supernatural beings . I believe in superheros who shine as light in darkness.Oh and yeah people think I’m weird and foolish to believe all that but guess what ? i don’t care about other people’s opinion  and so shouldn’t you. 

Believe in the impossible ,that is what seperates us from others .                 

believe in all that can be and thats when miracles start .

So …what do you believe in ? 

// wysdom007 //


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