Dreams. Powerful dreams.

Do you ever wake up in the morning wondering where you are ? . You then realize you are in your room . Lying down on your bed . Its 6 am in the morning and you have to go to school . Sometimes we have vivid and beautiful dreams . We then wake up and get dissatisfied with the life we are leading . But the key to be happy is to literally live your dream . It can be anything . Being a writer . Being a singer . A scientist or an artist . Its easy to ignore your dreams and be swayed by the path  your friends take but the thing is they don’t live your life. They may not be pleased by the small things happening around you. They may not be having the flaws you have or the good skills you have . Why then do you want to take a path where your heart will not be at peace ? Don’t fit in . stand out . 

A little girl followed the world by choosing to be quite during times when someone had to break the silence . 

She followed the world and stood still while her brothers and sisters were at war .

One summer morning she realized “why should i be quite while my dream is to make this world a better place ? why should i follow millions of people when millions of people can follow me ? ”                                 every second of your life , dedicate it to make your dream into reality . 

work hard . give your best . 

And if someone asks you what you are living for ? don’t hesitate to tell them “i am living for myself and I’m doing that by living my dream .” 

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