Is the end the beginning ?

We all have dreams and we all have destinies to fullfil.We need everything we need and everything we want. We hold on . We let go. The past is something very dangerous . We hold on to it so tightly as it is a part of us. The moment we let go of our past. The moment we let go of who we were to change into the person we want to be , thats when we are reborn. Its difficult. It is yet another obstacle everyone faces in life if they want to grow into something fantastic. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made . Accept yourself the way you are and aim for perfection . Dont waste time .Every minute of the day work to make yourself into a better person. Forget how you were hurt as it is in the past . Forget the times you were mislead But never forget happy memories . One thing of the past you should hold on tight are the happy memories . A day out with friends. Watching your parents happy . Never forget those . Dont just fall in love with old memories . Create new ones to fall for . Live for the moment . everyone deserves happiness . So get yours by forgetting who you were and put an end to your past for a better present and future . So yes. 




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