Life.Its a four letter word . its as simple as that. Its as complicated as that. 

do you know life is beautiful when you actually know how to live it ? . yes. it is. All of us have different roles and are leading different lives. But we go about this without actually living life. The notion of “living life ” has different meanings for different people  But the journey of all of our lives start at one point.  Letting go. We need to realize what we are fighting for. If we know that then we have to motivate ourself . Day and night.Yes it will be difficult but it will be worth it . Enjoy the moments . The rustle of the leaves. The smooth breeze.The beautiful stars. Feel the movement around you . Be beautifully aware of your surroundings. Dont take photos to remember the moment . Feel the moments . Feel those instances when you are happy so that you can never forget them . Come to reality and make it your dream .Sit on your terrace sometimes .Turn off all the lights and be at the mercy of the stars and the wonderful moon . Trust me. Its beautiful .Darkness is as beautiful as life. Love like you dont know hate. Live like you have seen death and thats how you live life .


are the three L’s for happiness .



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