Worlds within.

                              BOOKS.                  They defined her.            They taught her to love .           They taught her to hate.         They taught her […]

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Best of times.Worst of times.

Years of regret  Years of sorrow  Years of bad friendships  Years of bad choices  Years of cheating  Years of lies  Years of torment  Years so hard  but in the end  she took a deep breath  and as the horizon  lit up like a beautiful ocean  of light , She forgave herself .    -wysdom007 #poetry […]

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True warrior .

She cried alot . She was not the girl who would be embarressed by that . Sometimes her life would be so miserable   that she would want to  just drift into oblivion. She was not one of those girls  who would wake up in the  morning and say  “Today is going to be the […]

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Soaring spirit.

Her wings ruffled  She was ready to fly  Thats when they caught her They cut her wings  and broke the angel within  She cried for days  and nights seemed endless oh !  how lost she was without  her beautiful wings  that made her fly  Then soon she looked around  she realized the beauty of the […]

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Queen .

She didnt want a prince  She didnt want a knight to save her from  her tower. She was content with a queen . The strong queen inside her who didnt  need a king         -wysdom007 

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As she spread her wings  the flowers blossomed. As she touched the grass  they sparkled with delight. She was full of light . A light that lit up anyones world  Maybe thats why the universe fell  in love with her .  -wysdom007  

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