Worlds within.


                 They defined her.

           They taught her to love .

          They taught her to hate.

        They taught her to hold on.

         They taught her to let go.

         Books opened her up to

      new and marvellous worlds

      with its evergrowing stories

      of strength and happiness. 

       It taught her to live in the 

        beauty of its fantasies 

   and mourn during cold tragedies.

   She loved the feather like trace of 

                    every book. 

    A scratch or a cut was an alien notion

                to all her books .

              Amazed she was ,

       by the everlasting impact

   books had on an individuals life.



Mindblowing mystery.

                    She was a mystery.

                      If you hurt her

                   She will crush you 

                      If you love her

                she will break you

                  If  you betray her 

                 she will burn you 

               but if you mistreat her  ,

                 she will raise hell.



True warrior .

She cried alot .

She was not the girl who would be embarressed by that .

Sometimes her life would be so miserable  

that she would want to 

just drift into oblivion.

She was not one of those girls 

who would wake up in the 

morning and say 

“Today is going to be the best day of my life”

Instead what she would do was 

different .

She would wake up and say 

“Today will be tough . I will face more challenges . I will fight more wars . I will face more people who criticize me but i will fight till death . Nothing can stop me from giving my best today .” 

and that made her beautiful .

That made her strong.

Just like 

A  leader ,

A saviour,

A Queen .


Soaring spirit.

Her wings ruffled 

She was ready to fly 

Thats when they caught her

They cut her wings 

and broke the angel within 

She cried for days 

and nights seemed endless

oh ! 

how lost she was without 

her beautiful wings 

that made her fly 

Then soon she looked around 

she realized the beauty of the world

she was in 

she rose on her feet .

Under her feet she felt the gracious grass 

welcome her .

She looked around and saw the trees

which protected her .

She started smiling again .

She started loving.

She started living .

That was when she realized 

Wings are not needed to truly fly .


Queen .

She didnt want a prince 

She didnt want a knight to save her from 

her tower.

She was content with a queen .

The strong queen inside her who didnt 

need a king 



As she spread her wings 

the flowers blossomed.

As she touched the grass 

they sparkled with delight.

She was full of light .

A light that lit up anyones world 

Maybe thats why the universe fell 

in love with her .



Shadow Fire.

we are humanity.

one of god’s best and worst.

our hearts are filled with darkness

and to embrace it is the only option.

our wings are broken and thus

to the gates of heaven we cannot fly.

so let the pain and anger consume you.

when darkness thinks it has won ,

ignite the fire in you and 

let the real battle begin.