The one and only.


                         He cried for days 

                 Yet the pain never ceased.

                 The horrors he had done 

                          haunted him

               Everyday was burning him 

                         into ashes and 

           Everynight he was brought back 

                    to endure more of it.

    The gates of heaven was a distant dream

                     The gates of hell,

              was the wicked present .

       That was when his vision blurred .

                    It soon darkened .

                He could see nothing .

            Slowly like a gentle breeze 

                       He saw her. 

             He saw nothing but her.

               An exquisite being .

     With one hand she could drive away 

                     all his nightmares .

     His demons never neared him again.

           She brought beautiful dreams 

                           into his life.

 Worries and sadness were no longer present.

                      He had found her .

              She was his dreamcatcher .

  “i       lost myself in the dreams he gave me i woke up to realize i lost him because of my selfishness. i had lost my dreamcatcher .”

–Once upon a time – 



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