The Stars. 
have you admired them ? .

The Universe . 

have you really seen it ? 

Chaos . 

we are all surrounded by chaos . 

We think that we are a miracle given to the universe .

but is that right ? 

Outside this sanctuary that we call ‘Earth’ there is a vast cosmos waiting for us to unravel its mysteries . 

With one look at the night sky we are taken billion years into the past . 

I find it amazing ,

How the birth of the universe was just seconds before the birth of our small yet wonderous earth . 

The alluring and wonderful thing about the universe is that 

all of this beauty was created by chance . All of us are created by chance and the universe was created by chance .

Long long ago ,

the fight between matter and antimatter  went on for ages and just for a second matter had the upper had and here we are . 

The beauty of the universe has never failed to hypnotize me . Stars and constellations have always been my friends from my childhood .

Most of my nights , i would spend under their domain. 

We try to understand the universe by observing its motion but the beautiful fact is that we are just mere pawns in the game played by this majestic universe .

We humans are nothing .

We are’nt the ones who are alive.

Its the universe.

It is she who is truly alive .

– wysdom007


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