Little stars.




They are beautiful creatures , on the inside and on the outside .They question the universe and “why” is given a joyful meaning.They know nothing about caste , culture , race or religion They dont dont lie , they dont have ego or feel jealous. All they feel is happiness and hunger. Soon they grow . Their minds become cunning . Their soul which was pure and divine becomes tainted with wrongdoings. 

Why ? 

Why does this happen ? is it because the pull of our mind is stronger than the pull of our heart ? is it because the innocence of the soul is easy to attack ? 

The reason is Giving up .

We give up fighting when we are young to become these creatures we are now . The reason why we are the most disturbing creatures in the universe is because we let go before we even learn to hold on . 

Humanity is beautiful . It is like the hand which rocks the cradle which is the world . we are beautiful . Bring back the innocence in your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. Then soon all the unwanted emotions would go away because you would feel like a child again. A curious child , who would feel only happiness and ofcourse  hunger .



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