Never look back .


“I want to turn back time “.
A common statement among fellow humans . We make soo many mistakes.Some of us learn from those mistakes but most of us dont . We fall into the same spiral again. We start dreaming about who we want to be and forget about who we are and what we have to work on to be better . After dreaming for a long time when we wake up , we realise that we have lost the most precious thing in life. Time.

The life that i was leading for the past sixteen years was meaningless . I had no purpose . I had no vision but i was still happy because i was dreaming . Dreams are worth nothing if in the end they are going to sabotage your true reality . I realised that after falling hard . 

I would give anything to go back . To go back and make my family and me very proud but then again i would be dreaming because If time travel is really possible , where are the explorers from the future ? .

So right now , this moment i promise to wake up . I promise to forgive myself , i promise to never look back and more than anything i promise to let go of my regrets 

Find your purpose . Forgive yourself. Find love . Be passionate . 

Its the best gift you could give yourself which is far more pleasing than Time travel .

   – wysdom007 


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