Destiny ? fate ?  Not my cup of tea.

I do not laugh like a lady . I dont laugh for normal reasons. I laugh when a dog runs and when a cat is breathing .Most of the time the elders around me tell me 
” Dont laugh too much .If you do then soon you will cry ” . 

I found that crazy . But i also found that very interesting .If we laugh today, will we cry tomorrow ? if we are sad today then will we soon have good times too ?we normally sacrifice alot of things so that our future must be perfect but will it be perfect ?

The answer is 

It is your choice.

I dont believe in destiny and i dont believe in fate.  I believe in choices.  Choices that we make for ourselves.We should understand that the universe does not owe us anything . It does not owe us happiness if we are sad .It does not owe us our destiny and it does not owe us our fate.

To all those people who are out there thinking the world owes them something ,hey guys guess what ? The universe does not owe you anything.We are not great creatures who were “destined “to be created. We were created just by a small degree of imperfection.So stop waiting for your hard times to just pass because they are not going anywhere until you choose what you are going to do to make them go away .

I dont believe in luck because the universe does not owe us luck .Realizing what im saying helps you understand the power of your choices. luck ,destiny, fate all of these are not shaping your life because all these are illusions .Your choices shape your life and your choices are much more stronger than anything .

If you want something then go take it and dont wait for your “time” .

Stop waiting for god to save you because he wont . He is not a solution .When you are falling god just makes sure you dont fall hard. 

Or does god exist atall ? 

Always remember . Your choices are your greatest strengths.



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