Eye of my hurricane.

Be the change.

We live in a society where everybody is judged based on their religion , gender etc. I think that the most important factor in judging a person is to figure out whether they have a good heart or not. The gender bias at home ,domestic violence and crime against women in our country cause great […]

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Her gaze was blazing , Empires crumbled before her. Her movement was striking, Realms bowed down to her. Her compassion was benevolent, Citizenry respected her. There she stood on the black and white courtyard The queen . -Wysdom007

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Right or happy ?

We don’t come across this saying a lot nowadays but it is something that separates a successful person from an unsuccessful person . As we grow up we face lot of critics and especially as a teenager every thing that we feel becomes heightened . When I was younger lot of people told me that […]

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I am done. Done with all our endeavours. Done with all the times I have been there for you when no one was . Done with thinking about whether to hold on or let go . Done thinking about the mistakes I’ve made. Done forgiving you for yours. I have grown to love and understand […]

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He reached out to her trying to get hold of her but Everytime he did , he let her go. He was pulled back by all his insecurities and his mistakes. He had to be careful. If he pulled back too much he would lose the glistening angel that she is . If he tries […]

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Never look back .

  “I want to turn back time “. A common statement among fellow humans . We make soo many mistakes.Some of us learn from those mistakes but most of us dont . We fall into the same spiral again. We start dreaming about who we want to be and forget about who we are and […]

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